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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Invitation to Nicola Roxon, Federnal Minister for Health

Dear Nicola,

We'd love to invite you on this weeks show to chat about all the birthing issues here in The Blue Mountains. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Guest 3 July 09: Belle Buttrose, 'Shocking Birth Story'

Belle recounted her traumatic ordeal which started at 5.40am on the morning of Tuesday 21 April 2009 when her and her husband phoned Katoomba Hospital and were told it was closing at 6am that day. What followed was what she describes as 'my worst nightmare come true' - and if that wasn't bad enough she was shocked further when she was asked if she could 'hold on for 24 hours' until it re-opened. Next thing she knew she was on a horror ride in a speeding ambulance down the mountains to Nepean Public Hospital. After a traumatic and unnecessarily induced birth, with almost everyone in the room a complete stranger, she and her newborn baby were finally transferred back at Katoomba Maternity at 10.30pm that same night (3 hours late). She warned listeners that this scenario could happen to anyone. 'We had planned everything, or so we thought, and I had had a perfect pregnancy, not one problem. Katoomba Hospital Maternity Unit had been shut 36 times since January and we had no idea - we trusted them and they deceived us obviously wanting to protect themselves from bad publicity. The management only cared after we went to the media,' Belle said.